Aate Studio Stage is located in Otaniemi. Studio Stage applies for various events: parties, concerts, recording sessions, video shootings – you name it. It is also possible to do live internet broadcasts with three cameras from the studio. Versatile sound and lighting system provides great opportunities for different purposes. Showers available if you get sweaty :)


Aate rents lighting and audio equipment to AYY members:


Prices per day. Weekends: pick up on Friday, return on Monday (one day price for one day use).

LED Parcan 8pcs set 40eur (for AYY members)/80eur ( for others)
Small fog machine Martin 10eur/20eur
Audio mixer (4-8 mic channels) 10eur/20eur
Martin EF3 Mania (4 pcs available) 5eur/10eur
Flood light 800W 3eur/6eur
Strobe light 1000W 15eur/30eur

Lowel video lighting set (2 flood lights & umbrellas, 1 backlight) 40eur/80eur
Arri 650W    10eur/20eur
Arri 300W    8eur/16eur
“Red head” 800W    5eur/10eur

Steadicam Pilot    200eur/400eur
Steadicam Merlin 70eur/140eur

Microphone T-bone MB-55    5eur/10eur
Microphone Shure 835    5eur/10eur
Microphone Shure SM-57 (3pcs available)    5eur/10eur
Microphone Shure 945 10eur/20eur
Microphone Sennheiser 441 10eur/20eur
Microphone Sennheiser wireless    15eur/30eur

Mackie active speaker 2pcs set 20eur/40eur

Video projector 30eur/60eur
Video screen for projector 20eur/40eur

Studio 100m2 (inc. show lighting & sound system) 100eur/200eur

Prices include electric and audio cables and stands for lights and speakers.